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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping it all on the Down Low.

Spelman College in particular has done a great job of keeping both violent offense crimes and non-offense crimes a secret. Unknowingly students continue to walk to and from the West End Mall for small items regardless of the crime and other issues going on. Why is it that Spelman has been able to avoid real publicity and failed to inform the public of such situations? Over time, exploitations and controversial crimes on and around campus have altered this reputation of the schools safety. Because of these minor discrepancies, it is essential that the security on and around Spelman is dedicated to making the right decisions in attempts to ensure that every student and staff member is safe when on campus. Although its not necessarily a good look, when releasing certain information about issues going on, around campus, its imperative to inform current students as well as faculty about what’s going on, so that they can take the right precautionary measures. Since the late 90’s there have been stories and rumors talked about including the 2007 rape of a student from Spelman.For nearly a month, Spelman and its brother school, Morehouse College, had been in an uproar over a freshman student's accusation that four Morehouse men had sexually assaulted her in a Morehouse dorm late one Friday night. The two schools are educational meccas for the black middle class and share a special relationship. "If it had been at another school, they wold still be investigating" yells Kendall Montgomery, Sophomore Political Science Major. From Lori Robinson "They ordered me to open the door, but I couldn't get the key to work. That lock always jammed. My hands were shaking. I was talking out loud. "I know it's this key next to the silver one." After several of my futile tries, one of the men said, "It better open this time." Robinson tells her story as well as elaborates on the 2007 rape story from the Spelman Student. According to testimonies the young lady was in a Morehouse dorm late one evening and in attempts to leave she was approached by 4 Morehouse students and raped. Around the time that it happened a lot of controversy surrounded the story as the 4 young men involved denied accusations and were not guilty. More controversy continued in riots and rallies as students began to talk more and more creating rumors and misconstrued information as to what actually happened

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