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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Write?

Everyone has a voice but when it comes to actually using it and providing information about different topics, unfortunately everyone wasn’t given the task of mastering the way to communicate it. Providing unbiased, well written information with substance and depth is essential when working as a professional journalist. Acquiring these skills overtime allows one to develop the credibility to be a respected professional journalist. Like music, writing can be a very personable form of art and information source if done properly and in a way that won't hinder anyone’s reputation. Often times with all the citizen journalism its easy for people to get caught up with false accusations and assumptions that lead to a world of rumors and stories that come off in a negative way. Citizen Journalism is when private individuals do what many professionals do, and report often biased information about different issues going on throughout the world globally. This can be an individuals’ take on politics, social, education or one of the more controversial Entertainment. Citizen Journalism can take many forms: Blogging, print, social media and physical ability with flyers, posters walks and even boycotts. With new advances overtime the Internet has given average people the ability to transmit all types of information globally. There are different types of Citizen Journalism two of which being Independent and Semi-Independent Citizen Journalism. Independent Journalism is this idea that involves citizens posting information in ways that are not substantial to the traditional and professional forms of providing information. Semi-Citizen Journalism involves citizens actually contributing, in one form or another, to existing professional news sites as well as feed off of information that has already been provided.

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